webcam chat

Webcam video chat with no servers. Just PHP and JS

Create your own webcam chat within seconds: no mysql, no sockets, no media servers. Pure PHP script with JS

Webcam video chat made with JS and PHP

Quick Chat Features

Dialogoo webcam is the simplest possible chat ever. You just need to upload files (php and js) to make it work., No fancy configuration, no database, no sockets servers. It just WORKS !


No server part. Just pure PHP and JS

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Mobile compatible

Works fine on Android

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Easy to customize: Just edit 1 single CSS file

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Deploy it on any server. Works with shared hosting..

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Quick start for webcam chat

Awesome isn't it? How does it works ?!

Just copy the files. And that's all : you chat is ready to work

Create, customize and deploy your own webcam chat on YOUR server

With pure php and js files, deployment just takes seconds to integrate you own video chat system on your own hosting,

  • For both shared or dedicated servers
  • Works with any web server (apache or Nginx)
  • Do not need any extra server such as Mysql, sockets, media stream server.

Simplest chat ever including all features you need

Simple does not mean indigent : you will find everything you need to integrate it into your social site, dating website or any kind of business you rule.